Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay, it's mid December now. Time for a fresh post. I tried to upload a little video, but could not get it to work for me. (I'm still working on that.) Anyway, winter will be here in less then 48 hours. But you could have fooled me and every one else in the Klamath Basin. Winters been here for a couple of weeks now. YUCK! Why can't the snow stay up on the mountain tops? Oh yea! I live pretty close to those mountain tops. The worst part about the snow, is driving in it. "HEY! SLOW DOWN," you find yourself yelling in your car at some other driver in their car. Knowing full well, that your windows are up, and so are the windows of the car that your yelling at. So, who's going to hear you ranking? Or, here's another one that drives me nuts. Too slow, or people who come to a dead stop on an icy hill, sometimes for no logical reason, and your right behind them. How many times have you been stopped on an icy hill and had to back down to get a run at it to get to the top. Heck, the hill sometimes doesn't even have to be all that big. Next, are the folks in their four wheel drive vehicles. I like four wheel drive in the snow. But some of these people drive like their on race track, in the snow. What frys me here is the guy who claims, because he has four wheel drive, he can stop, in the snow and ice, faster and better. NO WAY. All cars, if they are working right, have four brakes that stop ALL four wheels, just like a so called four wheel vehicle. Yea, you can get going faster, with better traction in a four wheeler, but it's all the same in a four wheel or two wheel drive car when it comes to stopping. RESPECT THE ICE DUDES!
Hey! I guess I'm venting here. But I have reason. Any hoot. I think I've said my say, . . . . . for now. But, "I'll be back." Meanwhile, check out the photos below. Nothing big time scenic stuff. Just a couple of grab shoots from today. It was WAY to cold to go out and do any real photography.
Hey Look! It's snowing, (again) in Klamath Falls. This is coming into the north end of downtown.

What? Is it snowing in Egypt?

Naw! That's not Egypt. That's the famed Balsanger building in downtown Klamath Falls. It has a really color Egyptian look. You should see the inside.

So, there's snow everywhere, so what gives here? Why is the road so . . . . . clear?

Simple, in Klamath Falls we have geothermal hot springs all over the place. We heat homes, offices, buildings and even sidewalks and some roads. You NEVER have to plow them or get out the snow shovel. Cool, huh. I wish we had more roads like this.

Any way, Ta-ta for now. (You've been warned.)


Taryn & Christian said...

For once New Jersey looks just like Klamath! Its yucky here today too. It was nice watching the snow fall, but the day after when its all frozen from the night and gross from the cars, not so pretty. Oh and Christian drives a four wheel car... hee hee... but yeah, he knows that stopping is still stopping, regardless of how you do it. Silly drivers! Love you Dad! Stay warm!

Taryn & Christian said...

I'm posting this because I know you'll get an email about it... POST SOMETHING FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! Sheesh! What, your New Year's Resolution was to NOT post anything on the blog your daughter set up for you? Sheesh! Come on... there HAS to be something! Introduce Sammy to the world... talk about your soon to be prunie fingers from the pool... take the camera down to Aunt Irene's shop and post about your wacko sister... SOMETHING! Golly Dad! Hee hee. Hugs!